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Niigata Seiryo University

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing

Students are educated to become nursing specialists with advanced practical skills who will be able to handle health problems by coordinating and working with people engaged in health, medical care and welfare.

Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

Students are educated to acquire practical capability for promoting health and solving health problems as well as communication skills to promote the expertise and sensitivity necessary for nursing.

Characteristic 1 Students can broaden their views for understanding people’s differences through practice and interaction.

Nursing that aids people, while staying close to their expectations, requires a wide field of vision that accepts the differences between individuals. To meet this demand, we incorporate training that seriously involves students with patients and local residents as well as lectures in the 4 years of studies. Our students also develop and cherish a deep understanding of people by participating in mental friend and volunteer activities.

Characteristic 2 Students learn how to coordinate and cooperate beyond occupational boundaries in order to provide high quality care.

Coordination and cooperation with people in occupations in addition to those in the fields of health, medical care and welfare are indispensable for providing safe and high quality care. This is achieved through the process of people in all specialized fields sharing the information and targets concerning people that need care and through handling the work professionally. In this department, students learn coordination and cooperation through studying with teaching staff in the Faculty of Social Welfare,Psychology and Child Development at school and practical training through team medical care and linking with the local area.

Characteristic 3 We help students to prepare for the national examination which is the starting point for being a professional nurse.

In this department, we educate students in the specialized fields of public health nurses, midwives and nurse teachers, based on special education for nurses. We enable students to acquire the ability to understand nursing phenomena from a broad perspective and to acquire practical nursing skills by comprehensively learning each nursing specialty. As the pinnacle of the 4-year study, we prepare a program to enable all students to be entitled to take the national examinations to become nurses, public health nurses and midwives. We also educate our students so they can pass the 1st grade nurse teacher exam.


  • Nurse (Entitled to take the national examination)
  • Public health nurse (Entitled to take the national examination) Elective, available to all students
  • Midwife (Entitled to take the national examination) Elective with limited openings
  • Nurse teacher (1st grade license) Elective, available to all students

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