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Graduate School of Niigata Seiryo University

Graduate School of Clinical Psychology

Graduate School of Clinical Psychology
  • We enhance a clinical attitude through practical studies and nurture clinical psychologists who can provide emotional support.
  • We teach students to understand people, acquire the knowledge and skills to provide effective aid in a clinical psychological manner, and to acquire proven clinical practical abilities.

We work to educate high-level specialists who will contribute to local communities, culture and society as psychologists through their professional duties. We are the only school in Niigata City that is recognized as a Class 1 designated graduate school by the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists. Students become eligible to take the clinical psychologist examination upon completion of their studies.


1.Diligent study of clinical attitude through practice

We provide diverse clinical education such as psychological interviews and assessment operations at the Clinical Psychology Center and play-therapy training at Niigata Seiryo Kindergarten. Also, we provide fieldwork opportunities at clinical, welfare and educational facilities inside the prefecture for career experience. Students can obtain a high quality clinical attitude by relating theory with actual experience.

2.Small group education by experienced teaching staff in clinical fields

We have 9 full-time teaching staff, providing a student-teacher ratio of 2.2:1. Many of our teachers are clinical psychologists with experience and achievements who participate in clinical psychology work in local medical and educational organizations. They also provide detailed career guidance; many alumni are working as clinical psychologists in the local community.

3.Lectures and practices with local communities

We provide opportunities to learn about the actual situation of clinical psychology by hosting lectures, and working together with clinical psychologists in the local community. At the Clinical Psychology Center, psychological interviews and assessments for local residents are held under the guidance of our teaching staff. Graduate students learn through experience what people and the local area are like.


  • Clinical psychologist (Entitled to take the licensing examination)

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