Host Family

The Irwin Family

  My host family was very kind and amusing. There were five people, two dogs and two cats in the family. I didn't have any roommates. 


   Glenn is my host father. He is very kind and playful. He often told us jokes and made us happy. When Mom was busy, he prepared dinner for us. He sometimes made hamburgers, which were very delicious. I think that his hamburgers are the best in the world.
   We went to watch ice hockey games, and it was very fun and exciting. I watched a live ice hockey game for the first time in the USA. It made me interested in ice hockey.


   Kimberin is my host mother. She is cheerful and energetic. She gave me some housework, and I was so happy because I had a lot of time to talk with her. And I helped her job a few times in a month. We did the cooking together, and I learned how to cook.  I talked with her about my school life, American culture and so on.


   Weston is my host brother. He is very funny and lively. I like the songs which he sings. He is also  a student of GRCC, so we often went to school together. He sometimes showed me his presentation, and we talked about Japanese culture too.


   The person on the left in the picture is my host brother@Spencer. He likes Japanese animated cartoons, and  he can speak Japanese a little bit. When I couldn't understand English, he helped me out.
   The person on the right is Aaron, who is Spencer's best friend. When he was a student of GRCC, he studied Japanese. He likes Japanese and Japanese culture, and he can speak Japanese very well. Sometimes, when Aaron came to our home, he taught me English.   
  I sometimes went to eat dinner with Spencer and Aaron.


   Allyson is my host sister. I called her Ally. She plays soccer very well, and she was a captain of the soccer team of her high school. I often went to watch her soccer game with Mom and Dad. Sometimes, I hang out with her and her friends. Ally is very kind, and her friends are too.
   When I went to Ally's dance party, she was wearing a dress. She was very cute and beautiful.


   This is Tucker. He likes playing catch. When we threw a ball, he went to fetch it by all means. He is very smart.


   This is Rockey. He is mischievous, and he often made families annoyed. He liked playing catch too, but he didn't bring the ball back to us.


   This is Ginger. She often came to my room, and was taking a rest on my desk or chair. We sometimes slept together.


   This is Peanut. She didn't get attached to me, but she was still very cute.

The Irwin Family, thank you for everything.

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