Study Abroad Program: the Students' Reports

Last Updated 07/31/18

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The Department of Liberal Studies has "the Study Abroad Program."  The program was made to provide students with an opportunity to improve their English communication skills and to enhance their intercultural competence through first-hand living and studying experience in America.  Participants study English in an intensive English program while staying with a host family.

The students in this program join the intensive English Program at Green River Community College in Washington, U.S.A. for either 3 months (Fall quarter) or 6 months (Fall and Winter quarters).  We hope these reports will help you understand the program from the participants' point of view.

<<Fall  2017 - Winter 2018>>

 Yuka Ishikawa (6-month-stay)  Fulfilling Half A Year

<<Fall  2016 - Winter 2017>>

 Hijiri Nakamura (6-month-stay)  Changing My Life in 200 Days
 Nao Yada (6-month-stay)  The First Step for Myself

<<Fall  2015 - Winter 2016>>

 Naoko Oya (6-month-stay)  My New Life
 Mizuka Oyama (6-month-stay)  Take a Step Forward!
 Sayaka Kuwabara (6-month-stay)  Great Time in Seattle
 Maria Takada (6-month-stay)  Beautiful Days

<<Fall  2014 - Winter 2015>>

 Natsuki Sakuma (6-month-stay)  Found A New American Family
 Ai Hosono (6-month-stay)  Full of Thanks
 Hitomi Watanabe (6-month-stay)  Fabulous Life in America

<<Fall  2013 - Winter 2014>>

 Yuuki Arakawa (6-month-stay)  New Family!
 Tamami Yamaguchi (6-month-stay)  My Crazy Life in USA

<<Fall  2012 - Winter 2013>>

 Yuri Ishida (3-month-stay)  I Can Do It!
 Ayaka Ito (6-month-stay)  Challenge in the USA
 Sachiko Negishi (6-month-stay)  Going One Step Further
 Kisaki Furukawa (6-month-stay)  I Got a Dream!!
 Miyuki Homma (3-month-stay)  My Precious Memories

<<Fall  2011>>

 Yukina Kabasawa (3-month-stay)  Changed Myself
 Marina Kiriu (3-month-stay)  Changed My Life

<<Fall  2010 - Winter 2011>>

  Keiko Goto  (3-month-stay)   My Special Memories in the U.S.A. 
  Yuki Shibano  (3-month-stay)   Wonderful Life in America
  Eri Tamura  (6-month-stay)   Love All of My Relations!
  Sachie Yoshizawa  (3-month-stay)   My American Life!

<<Fall  2009>>

  Narumi Nakamura  (3-month-stay)  My American Life Was Supported by Everyone

<<Fall  2008 - Winter 2009>>

  Minami Aoki  (6-month-stay)   Lovely Time in Seattle
  Nao Kamiya  (6-month-stay)   A Turning Point in My Life
  Shihomi Watanabe  (3-month-stay)   Three Months in America!

<<Fall  2007 - Winter 2008>>

   Yuma Oyachi  (6-month-stay)    Special Memories
   Nao Kojima  (6-month-stay)    HAPPINESS

<<Fall  2006 - Winter 2007>>

   Harumi Igarashi  (6-month-stay)    My Precious Memories in the U.S.A.
   Satomi Oda  (6-month-stay)    Be Happy in USA

<<Fall  2005 - Winter 2006>>

   Kayo Abe  (6-month-stay)    Short Term Language Study Abroad
   Mai Isono  (3-month-stay)    Memories of the USA
   Kaoru Kawasaki  (6-month-stay)     The Nicest Time
   Ayumi Koike  (6-month-stay)    Go to the U.S.A.
   Ayumi Sekimoto  (3-month-stay)    The Three Months I Spent in America
   Keiko Maeda  (6-month-stay)    My American Life in Washington

<<Fall  2004 - Winter 2005>>
Reports by the 1st Year Students

   Tsukiko Kaneko  (6-month-stay)    American Dream
   Megumi Kaneko  (6-month-stay)    Special Time in America
   Mayuko Kumakura  (3-month-stay)    Exciting Studying in America
   Saki Tokunaga  (6-month-stay)    My Happy Memories in USA
   Ami Nishida  (6-month-stay)    Awesome☆America
   Minako Furuya  (6-month-stay)    The Road to America 
   Mizue Hori  (6-month-stay)    My Happiest Time in Life

Reports by the 2nd Year Students

   Mio Nimura  (3-month-stay)    Wonderful Days in Seattle
   Anri Hasegawa  (3-month-stay)    Happy Life in Seattle

<<Fall  2003 - Winter 2004>>

   Natsumi Koide  (6-month-stay)    My First Studying Abroad in the U.S.
   Reina Gocho  (6-month-stay)    Dream Time
   Hitomi Saito  (6-month-stay)    My Studying Abroad in the USA
   Nanako Matsumoto  (6-month-stay)    My Happy Daily Life
   Kanako Watanabe  (6-month-stay)    My Memorable Time

<<Fall  2002 - Winter 2003>>

   Ayako Kawasaki  (6-month-stay)    MY HAPPY LIFE
   Ayaka Shibata (3-month-stay)    I Love America
   Asako Tanaka  (6-month-stay)    I Don't Want to Forget Precious Memory
   Akiko Tanabe (3-month-stay)    A Valuable Time
   Ai Morohashi  (3-month-stay)    My Wonderful Days
   Maiko Watanabe  (6-month-stay)    Memories 

<<Fall  2000 - Winter 2001>>

   Tomoko Inage  (3-month-stay)    WONDERLAND
   Rie Kawai  (6-month-stay)    Precious Time in the U.S. 
   Tomoko Kikuiri  (6-month-stay)    Seattle on My Mind 
   Aki Saikawa  (6-month-stay)    Valuable Experiences in the U.S.A.
   Akiko Hashimoto  (6-month-stay)    Wonderful Days

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