Homestay Program '98: the Students' Reports
Last Updated 09/18/98
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   The Department of International Cultural Studies has a three-week homestay program in the USA for the 1st year students.  This year, 31 students joined the program: 16 students stayed in the Auburn, Washington area, and 15 students stayed in the Portland, Oregon area.  (You can see the official page for Homestay Program '98 here. )

 This time 25 of the students have completed their own reports as a token of their experience in the U.S.A.  We hope these reports will give you some ideas on homestay program and they will encourage the next year students to join the homestay program '99.

【The Auburn Group】
 Ryoko Iizuka  I LOVE AMERICA
 Mari Ishizuka  Forever Memories
 Michiko Ukisu  Homestay in America
 Akiko Kojima  Homestay in America
 Tomomi Koyanagi  AMERICA  HOMESTAY
 Satoko Nakanishi  Enumclaw
 Tomoyo Hasegawa  Three weeks in America
 Ryoko Hasebe  AMERICA
 Miki Mashima  American Life
 Hideko Minagawa  SEATTLE
 【The Portland Group】
 Toshiko Ishii  Memories of Homestay in America
 Satomi Ito  Go to America
 Mayuko Usui  MY  AMERICAN  LIFE
 Aiko Kobayashi  AMERICA
 Kaoru Tamura  My lovely Host Family
 Taeko Tsuchida  HAPPY  TIME  IN  AMERICA
 Yoshiko Nigami  Precious Memories
 Maiko Nirasawa  AMERICAN LIFE
 Ayumi Hosaka  My Lovely Family
 Nami Hoshiyama  Happy days
 Tomomi Hori  My American family
 Junko Miura  IN  AMERICA
 Ayako Yoshikawa  Love My Sweet Family

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