DAY 12: 2/21 (Wed.) 
cloudy, later snowy 
Visit Twin Lakes Elementary School

We spent the whole day visiting  Twin Lakes Elementary School . We had presentations about how to count from one to ten in Japanese in front of many children in the school library and in the classrooms. We met almost all the children from kindergarteners to the 5th graders at school that day, which is over 200.We also taught the children how to spell their names in Japanese katakana
The children were all so nice and cute that we had a very good time all day. We enjoyed having lunch with the children as well as playing with them during the recess. It was very cold that day even with a little snow, but the children were so active outside during the recess. We were really surprised by that.

We made our presentation six times and were exhausted by the time we left the school, but our visit was totally successful.  Good job!

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