DAY 11: 2/20 (Tues.)
cloudy, later snowy
Visit Green River College and a Local Retirement Home

We visited our sister school Green River College in the morning.  The campus was huge and full of nature and looked very different from our college in Japan.  We happened to come across one of our past host sisters Kara, and she came along with us for a little time.We visited the school library, the bookshop, the student center, and the office for international students.
We then visited a nursing home near the study center in the afternoon. We were surprised that the place looked like a beautiful condo or hotel with nice facilities and staff.  We had a staff member Tina show us around the facility, met some residents, sang some Japanese folk songs for them, and talked with them for some time. The people we met were all so nice to talk with. We were happy to see their smiley faces.

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