DAY 10: 2/19 (Mon.)
Experience American Holiday Activities

We started the morning class by learning about some American holidays. It was a holiday called Presidents' Day that day, so Rina's host sister Morgan and host brother Logan joined our class. 
We got dressed in a Halloween costume, and enjoyed looking for some hidden candies in the library like Easter egg hunting. We then colored some eggs for Easter. At lunch time we enjoyed a typical holiday meal with turkey, ham, deviled eggs, mashed potato, vegetables, and many more. The meal was just delicious. We even had different kinds of pie such as apple pie, pumpkin pie, and berry pie for our dessert.  It was so yummy! We had a special guest teacher, Rina's host mother Lin, and learned how to make a special message card. Thank you, Lin. We totally enjoyed the day with lots of activities and DELICIOUS FOOD!

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