DAY 13: 2/23 (Thurs.)
snowy, later cloudy and then sunny
Visit UW and Seatle's Waterfront Area

We took a full day excursion to Seattle's waterfront area that day. We first visited University of Washington, and looked around the campus.  We first looked inside of a huge library. The inside of the library building was so beautiful and looked just like the buildings we saw in the Harry Potter movies.

We then took a little tour to the Freemont area, and saw the famous Freemont Troll.  The sculpture was just huge.  After we visited a local chocolate factory called "Theo," we visited Seattle Center, which is famous for the Space Needle , the landmark of the city of Seattle.  We went up to the observatory deck of the Space Needle, but we were surprised to see some light snow falling on the deck.  It was very cold there!  We later enjoyed looking around the souvenir shop at the bottom of the tower.

We took a monorail from the Seattle Center to the West Lake Center, which is a major shopping mall.  We spent a little time shopping there, and then had some pizza for lunch at a small food court nearby.

We next visited
Pike Place Market and went to the first store of Starbucks Coffee for some souvenir shopping. We were surprised that Yumi bought a lot fo stuff there, and her shopping bag was over twice as large as others.  We then spent some time looking around and shopping at the market. 
We also visited Safeco Field , which is the Seattle Mariners' home statidum, and dropped by the Mariners' store. 
Our final stop was at Uwajimaya, a Japanese grocery store, and we made some shopping for our host families or friends and families in Japan.  We spent a lot of money for shopping that day, but it was a very fun day!

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