DAY 07: 2/17 (Fri.)
Class, Visit Federal Way Courthouse, Police Department and the City Hall 

We spent the morning class learning how to use American coins as well as practicing some pronunciation.  Kara, who used to host students from our college in the past, came to join us that morning.

In the afternoon, we visited the city hall of Federal Way with some of our host families.  We first visited the Federal Way Municipal Courts, which is in the same building as the city hall.  We met Judge Larson there, and asked him some questions.  Judge Larson was so kind that he let us put on a gown for a judge and take pictures with him.  We had never been to a courthouse in Japan, so it was a very interesting experience to look around.

We next visited the police department, which is also located in the same building as the city hall of Federal Way.  We had Officer Hanson as our tour guide, and he showed us around and answered our questions about the police work in the area.  It was the very first time to look around in the police station, which was very interesting.
We finally visited the city hall and had a chance to meet Mayor Jim Ferrell, who seemed really busy.  We had a female staff show us around and explain about the city of Federal Way.  It was another busy day for us. 

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