DAY 05: 2/15 (Wed.)
Visit Green River College, and Shopping at Tacoma Mall

We visited our sister school Green River College in the morning.  The campus was huge and full of nature and looked very different from our college in Japan.  While we were looking around the campus, we met our old friends from Seiryo Junior College, who had been studying for the past 5 months at GRC.  We enjoyed talking with them for some time.

We then left the college for Tacoma Mall before lunchtime.  We first went to a doghnut shop "Krispy&Kream" and shared many kinds of sweet American doughnuts.  Some of the doughnuts were just too sweet, but most were just delicious.  We then had lunch at the food court in the big mall right next to the doughnut shop, spent some time looking around, and enjoyed shopping in the whole afternoon.  It was another fun day.

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