DAY 04: 2/14 (Tues.)
Class, Visit Fire Department

We had a class at the study center in the morning and first talked about our experience with host families on the previous evening, and then had some practice on English pronunciation.
We visited a fire station District 13 in Brown Point, Pierce County in the afternoon.  We were surpised to see many female firefighters and medics at the station that day.  We took a small lecture about the firefighters' work and asked them some questions too.  The firefighters listened to us patiently and answered our questions kindly.  We later looked around the station, put on a firefighter suit by turns, got on a fire truck,  and enjoyed taking many pictures as well as talking with firefighters.  We put on a firefighter suit and a helmet by turns, and even practiced shooting water at some targets.  The visit was just so fun!

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