Homestay Program 2008
Memorial Album of Our Stay in Federal Way, WA
Last Updated 03/11/08

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The Department of Liberal Studies has a three-week homestay program in the USA for the 1st year students.  This year, 5 students joined the program and stayed in Federal Way, Washington.

This page shows you a record of our stay in the Federal Way area.  The basics of the program are as follows:  Each student stays with a local family all through the program.  The students go to the study center (a local church) and take EFL lessons in the morning, and afterward they have activities or excursions in the afternoon.  The students also spend a whole day on excursions once a week..

All parts of the program (choosing host families, organizing the whole itinerary including daily activities and excursions, and the EFL lessons) are designed by FIU (The Foundation for International Understanding, which is a non-profit group for organizing homestay programs).


 Day 01  2/14 (Thur.)   Arrival 
  Visit West Seattle, Chocolate Factory, Snoqualmie Falls, etc. 
  (Full Day Excursion)
 Day 02  2/15 (Fri.)   Class (Orientation) 
  Welcome Party
 Day 03  2/16 (Sat.) 
 Day 04  2/17 (Sun.)
  Free Weekend with Host Families
 Day 05  2/18 (Mon.)   Class (Making Stories)
  Visit Fire Department
 Day 06  2/19 (Tues.)   Class (Making Stories)
  Community Tour
  Movie Day
 Day 07  2/20 (Wed.)   Visit Enterprise Elementary School
  (Full Day Activity)
 Day 08  2/21 (Thur.)   Visit Leavenworth
  (Full Day Excursion)
 Day 09  2/22 (Fri.)   Class (Working Women in America) 
  Visit Federal Way City Hall
  Bowling Game
 Day 10  2/23 (Sat.) 
 Day 11  2/24 (Sun.)
  Free Weekend with Host Families
 Day 12  2/25 (Mon.)   Shopping at Tacoma Mall & Supermall
  (Full Day Excursion)
 Day 13  2/26 (Tues.)   Class (American Holidays)
  American Holiday Activities
 Day 14  2/27 (Wed.)   Visit UW and Seattle's Waterfront Area 
  (Full Day Excursion)
 Day 15  2/28 (Thur.)   Craft Day
  Make-up Demonstration
 Day 16  2/29 (Fri.)   Class (Making Memory Journals) 
  Visit Green River Community College, and a Local Nursing Home
 Day 17  3/1 (Sat.) 
 Day 18  3/2 (Sun.)
  Free Weekend with Host Families
 Day 19  3/3 (Mon.)   Sayonara Party Preparation
  Sayonara Party
 Day 20  3/4 (Tues.)   Departure for Japan

We owe the success of our homestay program especially to the following people:

Mrs. Mary Sawyer (area manager from FIU)
Mrs. Laura Campbell (teacher guide from FIU)
The 6 host families (the Boggs, the Eukers, the Forwards, the Murphys, the Herndons, and the Webbs)
Thank you very much.  We really appreciate your hospitality.

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