Homestay Program 2007: the Students' Reports

Last Updated 07/30/07

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   The Department of Liberal Studies has a three-week homestay program in the USA for the 1st year students.  This year, 11 students joined the program and stayed in the Federal Way, Washington area.

 Now 10 students who joined the program 2007 have completed their own reports as a token of their experience in the U.S.A.  These reports are especially dedicated to all the host families, Mrs. Laura Campbell (Our Favorite Teacher/Guide), and each and every person we met during the stay for their hospitality.

 Hikari Ueki  Special Experience
 Yuki Kuroi  My Great 3 Weeks in Seattle
 Misato Sugawara  Righteous Days
 Mizuho Takatori  My First Trip to USA
 Haruka Tsuruma  My Wonderful Memories
 Atsumi Hori  Happy Days
 Satomi Machiya  Life in America
 Tomoyo Matsui  I Went to SEATTLE!!
 Aya Mizushina  72% in Seattle
 Yuko Yoshino  Hello America!
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