Homestay Program 2003: the Students' Reports
Last Updated 09/12/03

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   The Department of International Cultural Studies has a three-week homestay program in the USA for the 1st year students.  This year, 15 students joined the program and stayed in the Kent, Washington area.  (You can see the official page for Homestay Program 2003 here. )

 Now all the students who joined the program 2003 have completed their own reports as a token of their experience in the U.S.A.  These reports are especially dedicated to all the host families, Mrs. Kelly Morrison (Our Most Favorite Teacher/Guide), and each and every person we met during the stay for their hospitality.

 Mai Ishikawa  Best of America
 Yuko Kanai  Seattle is Wonderful
 Yoshiko Kanayama  Awesome Days in Washington
 Chikako Kido  Great Days in Seattle
 Asami Seino  In Remembrance of America
 Kazumi Takahashi  My Greatest Memories
 Yumiko Nakazawa  My Everything
 Mai Nakajima  Happy Happy Days
 Hiroko Naganuma  My Treasure
 Yumi Hasegawa  My Grateful Story
 Yuka Maze  Happy Life in America
 Ruri Mitani  My Great Life
 Nana Minemura  Dream Land
 Satomi Yamagishi  My Precious Memories
 Mika Yamazaki  You Are Special

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